Saturday, April 18

Ahha Tulsa, 101 E. Archer St.

12:00-5:00 PM

Tinkering is a powerful form of learning based on exploration and discovery. In this celebration of art, culture, science, and creativity, ahha Tulsa welcomes area artists, artisans, crafters, and problem solvers to engage visitors in their passion and expertise through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and performances that inspire audience curiosity and participation. 

Participation as a Featured Tinkerer for non-profit and for-profit organizations is free. If you are interested in sponsoring Tinkerfest, please email hsutton@ahhatulsa.org. 

Due to limited space, we will not be able to accommodate all Tinkerer applicants. Successful proposals will clearly demonstrate how they will actively engage learners of all ages and abilities in hands-on activities and projects or through interactive demonstrations and performances. 

Ahha Tulsa